Berlin Back Office Version 5.39.0

October 14, 2021

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May 4, 2021

New Features

  1. Locations can now have multiple delivery addresses. There is a new section on location form, titled "Addresses".

    On purchase orders and inventory transfer orders, delivery address can be selected from a dropdown. The selected address will appear on printouts, and can be retrieved from API.
  2. A new user group permission has been added: "Activate promotions for locations".

    This is a limited permission that can be granted to users who are not supposed to edit promotions—but should still be able to turn promotions on or off for stores.
  3. Field "Total Quantity" has been added to purchase document form.


  1. Fixed: fields "trackingNumber" and "fulfillmentStatus" were reset when a sales document was re-saved in back office.
  2. Fixed: if one user is editing an inventory transfer order and another user creates an inventory transfer from it, the first user's modifications will no longer delete the link between the two documents. (Instead, the first user will get an error message saying that the document has been modified, and needs to be reloaded.)