POS Brazil Version 4.19.0

October 14, 2021


  • Empty product groups will not maintain the loading spinner indefinitely
  • When picking up a sale, container products are skipped and regenerated
  • Return table select all checkbox no longer thinks all products are non-refundable
  • Refactored Customer search to fix the problem with race conditions on scanning or pressing Enter before the last search has resolved
  • Cayan: cardPaymentUI buttons now have an extra 1s delay before reenabling, preventing the user from spamming the MS with requests
  • Archived products are now fetched correctly when needed by ID (f.ex. POS doesn't crash when making a return with an archived product in it
  • Sale level discount now correctly excludes 'non-discountable' products from its calculation
  • Product input in mobile view - compatibility with A920Pro (and equivalent browsers that treat flex-dir: column with flex-basis:0 as overriding natural height)
  • Optimised external card payments configuration setting - user's inputs are now trimmed to avoid errors caused by misconfiguration
  • Swedbank refunds are now saved correctly to the BO


  • Setting to disable syncing of terminal batch to POS day
  • Setting to check product stock levels now has new option to fully block adding them to cart (with appropriate warning)
  • Printing configuration refactor
  • Printing option: forceRenderPatchscript
  • Printing option: useBoZReceipt
  • Updated czech translations
  • Print merchant and customer receipt should now work correctly

Customer Display Support

  • Coupon search/apply support
  • Message transfering optimized
  • Config that allows sustomer to automatically get a receipt emailed to him after filling out email form after the sale