Berlin Back Office Version 5.41.0

October 14, 2021

June 2, 2021

New Features

  1. Inventory registration, inventory write-off and inventory transfer custom printouts can now be sent by email.
  2. New check box "Break assemblies" has been added to Inventory Write-Offs.
  3. New field "Code" has been added to the "Component of VAT rate" form.
  4. New fields have been added to report generator: "Created" and "Last edited" for products.
  5. Setting "Discount percentage precision (number of decimal places) on sales document printouts" has been added to Settings > Configuration > Sales document printouts
  6. Actual Reports: new fields "taxExemption", "taxExemptionWithCurrency", "rowTaxExemption", "rowTaxExemptionWithCurrency" have been added to sales document rows.
  7. Actual Reports: new fields "totalTaxExempt" and "totalTaxExempt" have been added to sales documents.


  1. In Settings → Configuration → Matrix Products, it is now possible to specify that amounts of packaging materials should also be updated on all matrix variations when you change amounts on the parent product.
  2. Latvian translations have been updated.