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    14 Oct, 2021
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    POS Brazil Version 4.20.0


    • POS terminates each syncing worker when the user logs out


    • Price embedded barcodes are now supported.
    • New setting to show notification with the scanned code added
    • Configuration for auto populating "home store" during customer creation added. "Home store" field on customer form is now also hidden if "Hide home store" setting is enabled
    • Weight popup is now shown when product with "unit" property is added to cart
    • New functionality to zoom the product buttons - when a product has too long name, a new configuration allows the user to hover over/click on the button and see the full name 
    • New setting added to Settings/Configurations/LocalStorage - use product DB. The setting is enabled by default, for backwards compatibility. 
      - enabled - products are synced to the local cache, and can be used when POS loses internet connection.
      - disabled - products are removed from local cache and will not be synced locally. Helps customers with huge product databases to use POS on mobile devices.
    • Date picker updated to follow the order of the date format from the Back Office. 
    • New options for filtering and sorting results from Customer Search. 
       - The user can filter by homeStore OR signup store - by default no filtering is applied.
       - The user can sort by 'name', 'customerID', 'group', 'colorStatus', 'lastChanged', 'signUpStoreID', 'homeStoreID' or 'none' (no ordering). By default 'name'.
    • Scanner logic changed to first search within products by EAN/UPC,  then customers by loyalty card number, finally search products by product code
    • Logic to display time and notes in pending sales if the configuration detailed_pending_sales has been enabled

    Customer Display Support

    • User can configure what promotions to show on the customer display