Shopify FAQ

August 5, 2022


Is it possible to determine which warehouse online store to uses?

Yes. When setting up the integration, you need to choose which warehouse to use. You can always change warehouse in the integration settings.

Is it possible that the Shopify online store shows total stock of all warehouses?

Yes, this can be set in the integration.

Is it possible to assign multiple online stores to one integration?

Yes, Multiple online stores are supported.


Can the store be configured in multiple languages?

No, one language per integration.


Can one product be added to more than one category / group?

No, olny one product can be in one category/group. 

Are variations / matrix products supported?

Yes, this can be  set up in Erply.

Do we support product attributes (custom options) and attribute sets (for filtering and comparing)?


Is it possible to add a category description, image, PDF, etc.?


Is it possible to add files to products?

Only .png and .jpg image files can be added. PDFs and other files do not sync with Shopify.

Is it possible to hide products, groups or variations from the online store?

In Erply, product card, product group has checkbox "Show in e-shop". You can also set the status to "Archived" or "Not for sale", in which case they are hidden from Shopify.

Can I invoice have a decimal places?

No, please use only integers 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Are the product dimensions (length, width, height, volume, weight) synchronized?

Only gross weight is exported to Shopify.

Is the brand, manufacturer and supplier information exported to Shopify?

Only the brand name is exported to Shopify.

Is it possible to add images to the variations of the matrix product?

Right now, it's not possible to add different images to variations.


What happens if I change or move a product / product group in the online store?

After Erply sync Erply discards these changes.


Do you support non-stock products? 


Do you support related products?


Do you support bundle products?



Is it possible to use the local currency?

Yes. To do this, set the local currency as the general currency both in the online store and in Erply.


Is it possible to connect to UPS, DHL or FedEX so that shipping methods and costs are updated automatically?

This can be configured in the online store.

Is it possible to add handling and packaging costs?


Are there integrations for dropshipping and delivery?

No, they are handled in Shopify.

Do you support multiple shipping addresses?


What product / service will be used for shipping if the order is imported into Erply? 

You can select the corresponding product / service during setup. It is not mandatory, but is useful for reporting and accounting purposes.


How can I set tax rates?

Tax rates must be set both in the online store and in Erply. When importing, Erply binds the correct rate to the invoice line. If Erplys does not have the appropriate tax rate, an invoice line with the default tax rate will be added. You can add the correct rate manually later.

Are taxes calculated before or after the discount? 

You need to check if it is set up in the store and in Erply.

What does the "All taxes are included in the prices" option mean? 

If selected, prices will be exported to Shopify instead of net prices. If the customer places an order, the total price will remain the same, even if the final tax rate is different. This option must match the same option in Shopify. 

What means "Include shipping costs"? 

If selected, the tax will also be applied to shipping costs.This option must match the same option in Shopify. 


Is it possible to use different prices in the online store and checkout system? 

Yes. When setting up, you can add a separate price list to the online store.

Can I have a special pricing that shows the old price crossed out and the new price next to it? Example: $ 60 → $ 30

Yes. You must select the "Use full product price comparison" option and select a price list that includes discounted prices. Your Shopify store will display the new discount prices and the original price from which it was listed.

Are ads, coupons, and promotions available? 

By default, they aren't supported.

Is it possible to use group or level prices?


Is customer or customer group based pricing supported?

By default, they are not supported.


Do you support authorization and later capture? 

This should be done in an online store. Fully occupied orders are imported into Erply.

Where do I set up payment methods and integrations?

In the Shopify.

How payments are imported into Erply?

When setting up, you can choose which payment inputs correspond to which payment types. It is not mandatory, but is useful for reporting and accounting purposes. By default, all payments are imported as card payment.


Where can I manage client accounts and change my password? 

Accounts can be managed in the Shopify online store. Customer accounts are not imported into Erply. When importing an order, only the customer and address are added. To avoid duplication, Erply checks to see if the corresponding customers and addresses are found during the import process.


Can I choose whether purchases from Shopify are imported into Erply as invoices or orders? 

Yes.You can select this during setup.

How is the delivery cost reflected in Erplys invoices? 

The delivery cost is added to a separate product line.

Are Shopify discounts reflected on Erplys invoices? 

Yes. Shopify has discounts on a separate line on the invoice. Erply deducts from the discount on each line.

Does Erply create duplicate customers when importing orders?

 If a match is found, an existing customer will be used for billing, shipping, or both.