Central Purchasing

January 4, 2023

Central Purchasing is an easier way to move stock if you have a lot of locations. With central purchasing, you will be able to order products to your "Main Warehouse" (which is set by moving that location to the top of the list in “Settings” > “Locations”) and then send products out from that warehouse to all of your other locations.

Rather than making purchases for location 1, 2, and 3 separately, one larger order is made to the warehouse and then those items are sent to each location. When clicking "Make Purchase orders," all stock shown on that report that needs to be replenished will be added to a purchase order, or a new one will be created. From there, you can run through the process just like any other Purchase Orders.

  1. The Central Purchasing report shows the stock on hand at each location, and how much you are ordering. The far right column indicates the total number of products being ordered for all locations. Take note that only items that are below reorder point at one or more locations will be displayed on this report.
  2. The Distribute Goods report shows the amount on stock at the location selected under the "Inventory Report" column. It also shows the total required to be transferred, and how many are being transferred.
  • Settings Required: Make sure your main warehouse is the top location in the Locations List. The CPO chooses the top locations by default for purchases.

How to create Central Purchasing:

  1. From Back Office, go to Reports and then choose Central Purchasing
  2. You can maximize the filter options to narrow down to your preferred products and it's location, then click on Create Central Purchase Orders.
  3. Complete the created Purchase order as normal by clicking on "Add to Purchase Orders"
  4. Now that you have those items in stock at your Main Warehouse, choose a location in the filters and run the  Distribute Goods to Select Location option. 
  5. Click "Add items to Transfer Order.
  6. Now go back to the Inventory module and choose Inventory Transfer Orders. You should see the new Inventory Transfer Order created from it, click on Create Transfer option.
  7.  Click on Save and Confirm to complete the transfer.
  8. Your transferred Products should now be reflecting in their new location.

**Don't forget to follow the same process on the rest of the locations**