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    9 Feb, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.22.0


    Legacy language identifiers should no longer cause mixups like Czech and Estonian being confused with each other (PBIB-1678)
    POS now reconnects to external customer display more reliably (PBIB-1736)
    Mobile view now includes the connectivity indicator in the header (PBIB-1804)
    Bottom menu of mobile view is now scrollable (PBIB-1794)​
    Estonian translations were updated (PBIB-1730)
    Fiscal integration now generates fiscal numbers for both regular and fiscal receipts (PBIB-1444)
    ZReport printing no longer fails if user has invalid (partial, corrupt, out of date) config (PBIB)
    Login app ( reenabled for 'MacIntel' devices (PBIB-1735)
    Fixes to G. fiscal integration (PBIB-1444)
    P** custom receipt plugin causing full crash (PBIB-1712)


    CZK and CHP currencies now have custom symbols instead of the default formatting (PBIB-1734)
    Currencies without formatting are written as '123456 CUR'

    Allow the user to disable the homeStoreID / signupStoreID filter on customer search temprarily if that option is enabled (PBIB)
    The filter is now more of a 'filter by default', but the cashier can still click to see other stores if they know the customer is from elsewhere

    New plugin to disable specific banner notifications (PBIB-1746)
    Notifications are disabled by text, so user has to copy the exact text of the notification

    The ability to generate a random gift card serial number can now be disabled by a setting (PBIB-1745)
    The button generates a random uuid, which is unhelpful for stores where the cards already have predetermined serial numbers

    Updated 'Autoclose POS after x seconds of inactivity' setting (PBIB-1723)
    Open Day, Close Day, and Stock And Price views now count as activity

    Givex increment button plugin (PBIB-88)
    temporary, will be removed when the full givex plugin is released because customButtons plugin already has the same functionality
    Full givex plugin will be released 4.24.0 or later

    Ability to browse fully paid layawys (PBIB-1584)
    Paid layaways are now visible in a new subtab in the Recent Sales view