Classic Back Office Version 4.46.0

October 14, 2021

July 5, 2021

New Features

1. Actual Reports sales document printouts: new fields.

The dataset now contains customer's current amount of reward points, points earned with the current sale, and new point balance (previousRewardsPointsBalance, rewardPointsEarned, newRewardPointsBalance) and the number of times the document has been printed (printCount, reprintCount).

API call getSalesDocumentActualReportsDataset returns this information, too.

2. Sales documents can now be filtered by project.

3. A new set of controls on user group form: "Permissions for CAFA (Configuration API for Apps)".

It is not necessary to configure these right away, but future integrations may require these permissions.


  1. Purchase orders created by the Stock Replenishment Report now have the Creator field populated.
  2. Starting a point of sale shift from back office (adding a new entry to Retail > Day Openings and Closings) now associates the shift with appropriate employees if drawer-based shifts are in use.