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    8 Dec, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    Add a New Country

    There is a list of available Countries in the Back Office that you can choose when it comes to capturing the origin/ source of your Product or to determine the country of location for your Customer. While the current list might be limited, you have an option to add new ones that will fit your needs.

    Adding a New Country in the list:

    1. In your Back Office, go to Settings Module and choose All Settings.
    2. Look on the leftmost box on your screen that says Settings. Scroll down further until you see Customer Registry Settings and click on Countries.
    3. On the center part of the screen, the current list of countries will be shown. Click on New (+ button) on the upper right part to add a new country.
    4. Fill in the required fields below and click on Save.
      • Name (ENG) 
      • Country Code
    5. You can now use the newly added country:
      • In the Product Card - Go to Country of Origin field and choose the recently added country
      • In the Customer Card - Go to Country field and choose the recently added country.
    6.  Alternatively, you can also add a new country through your Product and Customer Import list.