POS Brazil Version 4.25.0

October 14, 2021

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  • Fixed layaways due date not being disaplayed correctly in the BO
  • When picking up a sale, container products are skipped and regenerated
  • Refunds on wrapper now contain employee, customer, currency information


  • Added functionality to display notes column in the layaway table if the detailed layaways configuration option is enabled
  • Serial number can be configured to specify  serial number length.
  • POS now has new settings group - Scanning Configuration. 
    The users can configure a custom Scanning Algorithm to match their workflows.
    For backwards compatibility, if no scanning algorithm has been added POS will search for product by:
      - code2
      - code
      - name 
    For each search:
      - If one result is returned, it will be added to the shopping cart.
      - If multiple results are returned - a popup will be show where the user can choose the correct item
      - If no result is found POS will go to the next step
      - If nothing has been retuned after the last step, POS will show notification that no item has been found 
  •  Add the option to update the date of pending sales when confirming them
  • Adyen payment integration support added