POS Brazil Version 4.31.0

February 8, 2022

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  • Added logic to retrieve bsoft_code attribute and use it as warehouse ID when creating fiscal receipts.
  • Added new setting for printing out automatically two layaway receipts after confirmation.
  • Bsoft-fiscal plugin now uses the port from the MS config instead of a hardcoded one.
  • Implemented a plugin for inventory write-off.
  • Added functionality to limit the amount of items a customer can purchase based on the attribute (limit_amount_per_sale) configuration for the product.
  • POS stores its application state in local storage. This allows POS to successfully recover after closing a tab or refreshing the POS.
  • G. - Customizations plugin was updated to include Company type customer tax Validation.
  • Tips, entered on TSYS swiper terminal are now saved to the ERPLY API.
  • Credit limit is now shown on the customer view.


  • Disable return button in recent sales if no rights.
  • Fixed issue with confirmation popup behaving wrong on open day modal.
  • Making an account sale to a customer with insufficient store credit is now prohibited.