Berlin Back Office Version 5.45.0

October 14, 2021

October 13, 2021

New Features

  1. The "My Company Information" page now has a separate permission. User groups can now be configured to be able to manage employees, but not edit company information.
  2. Warehouse address type "Mailing address" has been added.
  3. New configuration setting "Creating an invoice from an assignment marks this assignment as completed" has been added.
  4. Filter "Vehicle VIN" has been added to Assignments > Vehicles.
  5. Filter "Gender" in customer export is now available.
  6. Actual Reports:
    1. Fields "customerCurrentBalance" and "customerCurrentBalanceWithCurrency" have been added to sales document printouts.
    2. Field "linkedSalesOrders" has been added to assignments.
  7. Report generator:
    1. Tables "Reorder point / Restock level""Assignment""Assignment row""Appliance" / "Vehicle" are available.
    2. Field "Net price" has been added to sales document rows.
    3. Field "Gender" has been added to customers.
    4. Field "Date of inventory transaction" has been added to inventory registrations.


  1. When creating a task for an assignment, task name, notes, and customer's fields will now be filled automatically.


  1. Fixed: Reward Point Balance Reports running out of memory with large datasets.
  2. Fixed: filter "Supplier" in product export did not work.
  3. Fixed: configuration setting "Do not create credit refund automatically" did not work.
  4. Fixed: uploaded product pictures and files with an uppercase file name extension (for example .JPG) are no longer rejected as invalid.
  5. Fixed: an issue related to "{Import-Link}" feature.
  6. Fixed: an issue related to login.