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    28 Oct, 2021
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    Berlin Back Office Version 5.46.0

    October 27, 2021

    New Features

    1. In Reports > CRM, reward point balances can now be downloaded as a CSV file.
    2. In Sales > Orders, a filter "Show only orders with Web Shop Order Number" has been added.
    3. In report generator, fields "Home Store" and "Sign-up Store" have been added to customer records.
    4. Unpaid sales orders can now be matched with payments in the Sales > "Associate imported payments" module. Store credit added from the point of sale will be automatically applied to unpaid orders, too, not only unpaid invoices.
    5. On Greek accounts, the "VAT Number" on customer form is no longer required to be unique.


    1. Fixed: Price list labels can now be printed for inactive and future price lists, too.
    2. Fixed: re-saving a product in the Inventory > Product List module will no longer reset the fields that are only editable in the new PIM ("Age Restriction", "This Product Requires a Serial Number Prompt", "Sold in Packages").
    3. The "Register" field on sales document form (which remembers the last selected register) will now also remember if the field was left empty last time, and will not revert to some other previously used register.
    4. In Recurring Billing, the "Create invoices" button now gets disabled if creation of invoices is underway, and the button cannot be clicked multiple times.
    5. Sales reports "By Product Group", "By Department", "By Supplier" and "By Category" now open faster.
    6. Fixed: In customer export, CSV output sanitization (a security feature that prevents executable commands from being embedded in CSVs) will no longer remove "+" symbols from phone numbers.