Classic Back Office Version 4.51.0

December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

New Features

  1. Accounts in Saudi Arabia will now produce the required QR code on receipts automatically.
  2. Adds a new tax setup report in Reports > Location Tax Setup. This can be used to get an overview of the tax rules that apply to a specific location.
  3. Inventory write-off form and registration form now displays the inventory quantity for each row. For confirmed documents it displays the quantity at the time of confirmation and for unconfirmed documents the current quantity is displayed. The same value is also available on Actual Reports printouts.
  4. Sales orders can now be filtered by "Not cancelled" status.
  5. In Appliance / Vehicle view It's now possible to see sales orders, orders and quotes that are connected to them.
  6. A new custom event is produced (table: cash_invoice, action: insert) when a new document of type Receipt is created. In webhook manager it is possible to attach a listener to these events.


  1. Adds a new setting in Settings > Configuration > Invoices and Sales "Copying a sales order preserves customer requested delivery dates". This can now be used to preserve the delivery dates when the sales order is copied.
  2. The setting to automatically select the address when a customer is selected will now also select the address to the payer address field where ship to and payer are the same.
  3. Customer export will now export all contact persons, not just the first 3.
  4. Report generator has been updated to include additional fields for users and employees.
  5. Customers list view now includes the "Loyalty Card" column.
  6. Reward points balance report now includes the "Reg. Code/National ID" field in both HTML and CSV output.
  7. When a matrix parent product is archived then all of its variations will now be archived as well.
  8. Matrix variations can no longer be changed into matrix products.
  9. In Settings > Login activity, hostnames are no longer logged, only IP addresses. In order to turn this change off a new parameter "enable_reverse_dns_lookup" can be used.
  10. Improved system stability when issues with caching solution occur.


  1. Old inventory page no longer allows entering input data when it is still loading.
  2. Improved double deletion prevention handling.
  3. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to log back in even when the credentials were correct.
  4. Fixed an issue in stock replenishment where the save button was not visible.
  5. Fixed an issue where inactive tax rates could cause an error in sales document view.