API Version 1.74.0

January 11, 2022

January 11, 2022

New Features

1.  API calls getSalesDocuments and saveSalesDocument now support three extra document types (SERVICE_INVOICE, SERVICE_CASH_INVOICE, SERVICE_INVOICE_WAYBILL). This is a Greece-specific feature.  
2.  Field "eInvoiceBuyerID" has been added to API calls getSalesDocuments and saveSalesDocument.  
3.  Fields "companyName" and "companyType" have been added to API calls getCompanyInfo and editCompanyInfo. Field “companyName” should be used when updating company information — to avoid the issue where company type suffix gets duplicated with each save.  
4.  Filter parameter "getPricesWithTax" has been added to API call getEmployeeStats.  
5.  Filter parameter "getStoreSpecificPromotionsForWarehouseID" has been added to API call getCampaigns.  
6.  Docura Integration  
     1.  Fields "docuraEDIEnabled" and "ediType" have been added to API calls saveCustomer and getCustomers.  
     2.  Fields "ediStatus" and "ediText" have been added to API calls getSalesDocumentssaveSalesDocument, getPurchaseDocuments and savePurchaseDocument.  
     3.  Filters "eInvoiceEnabled", "emailEnabled" and "docuraEDIEnabled" have been added to API calls getSalesDocuments and getPurchaseDocuments.


1.  API call saveCustomer now respects the configuration parameter "Check e-mail address format on creation".  
2.  API call saveCustomer now supports input parameter "trimInputData" when creating new customers. When this flag is set, API will remove whitespace from the beginning and from the end of the following fields: companyName, companyName2, lastName, firstName, fullName, phone, mobile, email.  
3.  Support for extra price lists has been added to API calls saveCustomer and getCustomers.  
4.  Speed optimization in API call getSalesDocuments.


1.  A few adjustments have been made to the manual password expiration functionality.