When changing Erply language product names does not change on the printout

April 26, 2022

In Erply there is a possibility to add different translations for products. 

If your Erply account does not have wished language then please contact support@erply.com and if the desired language is available then it is added to your account.

When making a sales document or purchase document for example in German and then wanting to print it out or send it in Finnish. Changing the Erply language does not change the product translations on the document. It changes document translation on the printout but does not change the product's translation. The reason is that products must be added to the document in that language you wish to print out or send. 

There is a possibility to make a custom printout in actual reports if you have made a document and do not want to create another one just to send it in another language. You will need to make the custom document beforehand in actual reports. When you have to send it in another language you can choose it from the custom printout list. 

If you have Erply language in German and want to send the document in English then you will have to check the box on the document,, Print with actual product/service names”. When choosing to print out in English then the product names are also changed to English.