POS Brazil Version 4.40.0

February 8, 2022

New settings

    giftcard_period_of_validity: number of days from creation that a sold serial giftcard should be set to expire at - no expiration if setting missing, invalid, or 0 (PBIB-2572)
    pos_hide_add_credit_store_from_customer_view: when enabled, will remove the ‘Add store credit’ button from customer view. (PBIB-2161)
    Setting is also available in Settings → Configuration → Customer → “Hide ‘Add Credit Store’ button on customer view”


Misleading texts:
    New product form no longer shows wrong group name in title (PBIB-2709)
    Settings → Tax rates title no longer reads ‘Edit tax rates’ in list view (PBIB-2708)
    Customer search results no longer have extraneous texts ‘card’ and ‘phone’ prepended to the values (PBIB-2661)

Quick select buttons
    Quick select buttons now appear in the order they were defined in the Back Office (PBIB-2482)
    Quick select buttons preload price prediction now includes warehouse-specific VAT (PBIB-2715)

    Editing the name of the currently logged in employee now reflects in the rest of the POS (PBIB-2706)
    Customer view buttons (such as ‘edit customer’) are no longer hidden if you have the default customer selected but are viewing a different customer (PBIB-2704)
    New product / group forms no longer create duplicates when the user double clicks on the save button (PBIB-2618)
    Return screen now allows editing the invoice number to switch documents / should no longer fail to add products to cart (PBIB-2645)
    Product view no longer fails to open for the first item in the shopping cart (PBIB-2700)
    Edit view for items in the shopping cart now saves correctly (PBIB-2559, PBIB-2560)
    Cash rounding setting now applies more consistently to 100% cash button (PBIB-2495)

New features:
    Product view now also shows the base price (price without pricelists) (PBIB-2387)
    Product edit view layout changed to leave more room for product text & description (PBIB-1876)

Performance improvements:
    Improved performance when navigating between product groups and product pages (PBIB-2363)
    Improved speed of recalculation when a product in the shopping cart is edited (PBIB-2537)

Offline sales:
    Fixed invoice number generation for offline sales (would prevent the sales from saving) (PBIB-2733)
    Fixed offline sales being saved multiple times (would create duplicates) (PBIB-2726)
    Fixed ‘Save as order’ not working in offline mode (PBIB-2689)


G. Fiscal integration 
    When performing a return, RUT is taken from the original sale (PBIB-2727)

Currency converter:
    Printout adjusted according to new requirements (PBIB-2551)

New plugins:
    Row total plugin (PBIB-2693)
    Order assignment plugin (PBIB-2077)