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    22 Feb, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.41.0


    • ‘Save sale’ no longer marks the document as ready if it's being saved a second time
    • Reason codes of unspecified type no longer offered as options for return or discount reason
    • Product search field no longer allows browser to autofill the username into it
    • Improved plugin search to separately consider each word in the plugin name in addition to other keywords
    • Improved consistency of discount handling for zero-priced products
    • More accurate clock-in time tracking

    New features

    • New setting pos_brazil_do_not_calculate_shopping_cart_on_change to disable automatic calculation. This speeds up the POS when adding a whole bunch of products in a row, at the cost of not showing the correct prices until calculate is manually triggered at the end.
    • F9 and F10 shortcuts to focus on product/customer search respectively
    • Proper handling for error code 1212 ("Login allowed only via login app"), proper messages added for other recently introduced API error codes


    • Setting pos_use_giftcards_with_serial_numbers no longer available in settings menu. Will still affect the initial/default value for the tender limit of serial numbered giftcards


    Updated a plugin to have changelogs for opt out checkboxes

    Updated a plugin to:

    • Cache custom product buttons to prevent them from reloading
    • Move the ‘Birth note’ field after the card number field

    Updated a plugin to include fields for phone and glosa

    Updated the Inventory write-off plugin to:

    • Not crash when user has no write-off reasons configured
    • Use write-off reason codes instead of return reason codes
    • Block write-offs for bundle and/or non-stock products

    Added a plugin that embeds an Estonian Business Registry search into the customer form