POS Brazil Version 4.42.0

March 22, 2022

On this page


  • Fixed sign-up & demo sign-up
  • Errors when saving sales document now show more information & no longer imply connectivity error
  • Cash denomination buttons no longer open number pad
  • POS no longer uses lazy loading to mount Modal Pages and Settings. This should resolve the issue with new releases crashing the POS when some of the Modal Pages has been modified or removed
  • Fixed visual overlap in error reporting dialog
  • Fix for buttons in cayan payment integration getting disabled after the first payment in a multi-payment sale
  • Various fixes to patchscript (non-BO) zReport
  • Updated Zamzow lawn plugin to handle the scenario when an ongoing sale is happening and the user wants to make a pickup process


  • DSC membership color is set to yellow if expiry date is in 1 month
  • Updated customer badge functionality open customer details when the user clicks on any part of the badge, not only the icon.
  • Added functionality to be able to apply partial tax exemptions to a sale
  • Mobile view now correctly blocks and hides payment types that are disallowed from settings
  • First batch of Faroese translations
  • Adds MS status icon in the header