POS Brazil Version 4.43.0

April 6, 2022


  • Added visual shortcut hints to customer and product search
  • Option to show a "Change" field in Payment Modal component that shows to the user what the expected change value would be after the document rounding has being applied. The options is called "Show expected "Change" sum in Payment Component", disabled by default and can be found in Settings/Configuration/Payment section.
  • Added support for searching for contacts in customer search
  • POS Version Control - ability to use the preferred version of POS Brazil
  • PAX Heartland payment integration implemented


  • Updated AUD default denominations (incl. rarely used bills $2, $1 and rarely used coins 2¢, 1¢)
  • Updated a plugin to allow selecting a product group that should trigger employee select if a product from the group is in the cart
  • Multiple layers of escalating assertive measures to log out the user prior to session expiration


  • Custom payments now listed by name instead of type & type field is validated for API compatibility
  • Horizontal scrollbar for orders view no longer hides at the bottom of the list


  • Custom receipt for W**
  • W** customer search plugin
  • i**** plugin new second opt-out checkbox & plugin configuration menus unbroken
  • New setting to hide "Open customer display" button in the header added to the Customer Display plugin configuration
  • Givex plugin payment integration
  • 'USDL Age verification and product amount control per sale' plugin