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    27 Apr, 2022
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    POS Brazil Version 4.44.2


    W** plugin:

    • Customer view
      • Membership renewal input minimum value is now based on the lastPurchaseStartDate field
      • Membership end date is now set to 23:59:59 of the selected date
      • Membership renewal must now be triggered via dedicated button, no longer updates half-finished values while the user is typing
      • Membership renewal now causes customer data to reload to reflect the new end date
      • Customer is automatically selected when CustomerView is opened
    • Customer edit
      • Customer group for existing customers is no longer reset to default
    • Close day
      • Renamed keys: varianceReasonID-GIFTCARDvarianceReasonID-GIFTCARDGIVEXand counted-GIFTCARDcounted-GIFTCARDGIVEX
    • Custom printing
      • Custom printing is now only used for regular receipts, giftreceipts now use the default POS printing (\w the templating system)
      • Discounts are now loaded onto the rows correctly
    • Saving sale
      • A membership is no longer created when saving a ‘pending’ sale with a membership product
      • A membership is no longer created when saving a sale for a non-member customer


    • Fixed issue where products can get added to the cart while payment screen is opening
    • Fixed not being able to convert a pending sale into an order without adding payment
    • Fixed issue where the total was calculated incorrectly when the prices&quantities in the cart should cancel out to 0.00
    • Payment currency is no longer listed twice
    • Reason code selection no longer exceeds screen boundaries (allowing the user to scroll instead)
    • Changing customers now removes selected coupons from the sale
    • Cayan integration now triggers terminal ‘close batch’ on close day