Hourly quota

December 19, 2022

Hourly limit is the maximum number of Erply API calls allowed from one Erply account per hour.

The purpose of this limit is to establish a fair usage quota and encourage developers to optimize their applications.

By default, the limit is 6000 requests per hour per account. When you reach the limit, all API calls will return API error code 1002 until the beginning of next hour.

API calls from point of sale applications (Berlin POS & Brazil POS) are counted separately, and do not reduce the quota available to other integrations.

Development Suggestions

1. Ensure that your integration recognizes error code 1002 and takes appropriate action: pauses operations until the beginning of the next hour and then resumes. Using up all of the quota occasionally is a normal occurrence, especially in case of bulk operations: a large data synchronization or an import. Erply's built-in product and customer importers do the same, and importing hundreds of thousands of records can routinely take a day or more.

2. Review the integration for unnecessary requests. A common mistake is to re-authenticate (by sending a “verifyUser” request) for every API call: this effectively doubles your number of requests. A session key is valid for an hour, so it should be placed into temporary storage and re-used. A new authentication is only necessary if Erply API responds that the session is expired (error code 1054 or 1055)

3. Pack multiple API calls into a "bulk request". Bulk requests are "cheaper"; within a bulk request, each call is counted with a coefficient of 0.1. Thus, a bulk request containing 20 calls counts towards the limit the same way as 2 regular calls. (A bulk request can contain at most 100 calls.)

4. Consider if there is an aggregate API call that fulfills the same purpose. For example, instead of fetching sales documents individually, the Reports API endpoints may provide what you need.

When built correctly, the default limit of 6000 requests per hour should be sufficient for even high-profile integrations. If your integration is routinely exhausting the quota, you can submit a request to have the limit raised for your account. We review these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please include details of what exactly are you building and what calls you are making; if we see any optimization paths that might benefit you, we'll suggest those.