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    28 Jun, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.48.0

    New features

    • Offers menu now shows only unfulfilled offers
    • Added keyboard navigation to customer results as well
    • Optimized workflow so that translations would not get lost
    • Added contacts table to customer view
    • Configuration to generate & validate serialized gift card numbers based on a user-supplied regular expression
    • Open/close day is now tied to BO user group rights (Day Openings and Closings -> Add)
    • Current document indicator in header of products list


    • W** customer search: Pressing Enter now only selects when search returns one customer. Added plugin configuration to disable selecting customer by pressing Enter
    • W** - ID code field is now hidden from customer form
    • Customer display plugin - added support for font configuration
    • W** - Added custom cash in/out printout
    • When changing Givex payment amount, amount now does not go over the card balance
    • New plugin: Pseudo-tax products
    • W** - use employees that are coming from account admin API in Clock in view


    • Fixed missing translations for product edit view
    • 6000% speedup of receipt template editor UI
    • Replaced product prices in Scanner multiple results and Stock and price lookup with product prices from price list
    • Keyboard navigation of results now again scrolls the selected item into view
    • Re-added some missing translations
    • Fixed payment confirmation modal blocking confirmation modal