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    25 Aug, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.49.1


    • Restored custom translation plugin. The plugin was broken in 4.48.0 release.
    • POS styles from popups no longer leak into browser-rendered printouts
    • Applied number formatting for product row's originalPriceWithVAT for PatchScript
    • Offline requests no longer filter any documents that make it past the payment screen
    • Fix checkbox clipping in return screen with narrow screens when 'split left and right sections evenly' is enabled
    • Return reason popup no longer halts the process it is a part of
    • New setting that allows users to decide if the POS should show employees from other locations. Clock In/Out and Settings/Employees would filter employees based on it
    • Returning sales that included a TIP payments no longer pre-populate the Payment list with a payment that exceeds the return total
    • Serial gift card payments no longer get automatically selected on being added
    • Fix infinity loading for Multi-Account users when opening the POS
    • Removed employeeID from PAX Payment request payloads - allows the usage of PAX A35 terminal for all accounts
    • Prevent adding extra products in the cart after payment has already begun



    • W** customisation plugin - Fixed an issue where membership discount occasionally did not apply when membership product is added to cart and customer is not a member
    • W** customisation plugin - Added sale restrictions for suspended customers
    • W** customisation plugin - customer results are now shown in correct order