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    6 Sep, 2022
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    Classic Back Office Version 4.62.0

    September 6, 2022

    New Features

    Configuration parameter "pos_custom_extra_payment_types" has been added. USe this parameter to make certain payment types always appear on the "Day opening and closing" form, under "Counted amounts by tender", even if there have been no payments with that payment type (tender type) on that day.

    Example value: "GIFTCARDGIVEX,GIFTCARDTEST" – makes two additional payment types always visible (gift card subtypes "GIVEX" and "TEST").


    After creating an invoice from multiple waybills, the waybills in the list now get unchecked automatically.


    Fixed: CAFA setting non_clock_in_user_group_ids was not being correctly interpreted for filtering the list of employees in Retail Chain > Timeclock Entries.