Physical Stocktaking Import

September 22, 2022

Importing Physical Stock-taking

The new feature of importing stock tacking makes it easy to import physical stock counts using spreadsheets provided by professional inventory services. To import a stocktaking act, please follow these steps:

  1. From your back office navigation bar click on the Inventory module and select Import Stocktakings:
  1. On the setup page, you can download the sample file to create an excel file that will have the products that you wanted to import the stocktaking for or you can use your own file as long as it matches the required fields.

Make sure your file is a CSV/XLSX file so you can upload it without any issues, then check File has header is your has headers..

  1. On the Main configuration page, select the following:
  2. Which location/warehouse you want the stocktaking to go to.
  3. How you will match your products. This is going to depend on what you put in your excel file. For most users, it is often product code. 
  4. Map your imported excel file that corresponds to the data you input.
  5. On the Permission Check just page,  hit Confirm and wait for the import process to complete 100%.
  1. Now you can view your imported counted values in the two physical stock-taking links depending on which version of the stocktaking application you prefer.
  2. If we select Physical Stocktakings (new) and then select the stocktaking we have selected in step 4.a to see the updated count in your product list.
  1. If we select Physical Stocktakings and click on the stock-taking we have created in step 4.a, we will see the updated count in our product list.
  2. Now you have counted your stock you can start receiving inventory by clicking Receive inventory if there is stock that needs to be added or Write-off inventory if there is stock that needs to be removed.


Q: Will the import of a stock-taking be added to a stock-taking that is in “in progress” status?

A: No, the import will be successful but it will not change the “counted” field. It is recommended to create a new physical stocktaking document for each new stocktaking act.