POS Brazil Version 4.49.6

October 18, 2022

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  • Allow entering gift card number that contains spaces when paying with a gift card
  • Fix Cayan not displaying the message of the failed payment / the "Unreferenced returns are currently not supported" error to the user.
  • Configurations in POS Settings are now protected by "Configuration" Permission
  • Pick up orders now correctly shows orders once the search field is cleared
  • Require pin from user after close day if POS was closed on Z Report
  • Moneris Manual Entry Mode is supported and configurable from POS Brazil
  • Close day menu now respects the setting "End of day allowed difference". If difference is within the allowed difference, reason is not required. If it exceeds, the reason is required.
  • Receipt printout: default schema's "total discount" field now also respects the "hide negative discounts on receipt" setting
  • Nets terminal transactions overload fix - POS awaits 3 seconds between payments when multiple card payments are processed for a single sale
  • On-screen-keyboard now supports TextArea elements
  • Prevent printing incorrect amounts in Z-report in POS
  • Updated the payment data stored in Back office for Adyen Payment Provider
  • Check additional information window now correctly saves entered information and closes itself on success.


  • W-- - Customer badge is now expandable and does not push shopping cart out of view
  • W-- - On creating a new customer, assign the customer's card number to be equal to DX, where X is a random 5-digit long number