Classic Back Office Version 4.65.0

October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022

New Features

  1. Actual Reports:
    1. Gift card redeemings are now available on sales document printouts.
    2. Field "inventoryTransactionDate" has been added to purchase documents.
    3. Field "employeeNationalIdNumber" has been added to sales documents.
    4. Fields "billingStatementPreviousReading", "billingStatementNewReading", "billingStatementNewReadingDate" and "billingStatementConsumption" have been added to sales document rows.
  2. Report generator: tables "Price list", "Special Prices" and "Product Discounts" are now available.
  3. Back office is now compatible with JSON extra data attached to inventory transfer and inventory write-offs rows.


  1. AR product labels: setting "Products have multiple codes; print only the first one on label" now also applies to EAN codes.


  1. When creating an invoice from an assignment, the source order status will now be changed to "completed".
  2. When creating a purchase return, the source document status will no longer be changed to "partially received".
  3. Fixed: some customers were incorrectly omitted from the "Balance Report".