POS Brazil Version 4.50.0

November 7, 2022


  • Added French to the available language selection list. Added missing Traditional Chinese default translation
  • Multi currency - Register amounts can be entered for each currency
  • Actual Report Templates generated in Back Office can now be associated with document types in POS and POS would use templates to generate receipts (printing and sending via emails). Note that BO receipt printing has to be enabled from POS
  • Added a new setting called "append_gift_card_number_to_product_name". When enabled, it would append the gift card serial number to the product name. The setting is disabled by default
  • New payment integration: Shift4
  • Added support for opening customer display on selected screen
  • Added Gift Card Printing Template for PatchScript
  • Added support for "Tips" on Cayan-Mini devices
  • Allow saving sales document with products with negative quantity
  • "Print coupon" confirmation pop-up now applies to all issued coupons (that are configured to ask user to print) at once



  • Fixed product price mismatch when discount is being applied. The discounted amount is now correctly rounded down
  • Fixed an issue where POS would crash if configuration `touchpos_custom_discount_percentages` would somehow end up being saved with an incorrect type
  • Payment screen no longer reads customer selected in background when given a specific sale to process (f.ex. cancelling a layaway)
  • Fixed a small mismatch between Z report preview and actual printout
  • Fixed edit customer button in mobile view. It now correctly opens Edit Customer View
  • Fixed an issue where taxes were not recalculated on a pending sale when selecting a different tax exempt customer



  • O** fiscal plugin - Added support for adding/editing customer's Customer PIN from POS
  • New plugin - mPesa payment integration
  • H******** - Created a new client specific plugin called "Issue new serial gift card on return"
  • New plugin integration for SureTax -Tax calculating service
  • W**: DSC membership can now be returned
  • W** Customisations Plugin -  fixed a mismatch between the time on the transactions in POS and Back Office
  • W** Customisations Plugin - Prevent users from discounting DSC membership product with amount other than 0% or 100%. Promotions can still be applied
  • W** Customisations Plugin - Improved color contrast for expiration indicator when expiration date is nearby
  • W** Customisations Plugin - The invoice number on the customised receipt, is now appended by the warehouse code
  • Customer Display Plugin - Added support for opening customer display on selected screen
  • New plugin for submitting and returning Tax free products for Finland
  • New plugin "Sticky product groups" which allows to configure product groups that would always be available for selection whichever product group you have currently selected
  • R***** C*** Customisations plugin 
  • "Customer search autofocus" plugin - added configuration that determines whether to show the results automatically or not
  • T** Customisations - Added functionality that allows customers to be searched by ErplyAPI customer record ID