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    9 Nov, 2022
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    Classic Back Office Version 4.66.0

    November 8, 2022

    New features

    1. Account deletion has been implemented. The login page displays an error message when attempting to log into a deleted account.
    2. Field "GLN" has been added to the location form and to the location list.
    3. Field "Document URL" has been added to sales and purchase documents. This field can be used for linking to the online copy of the sales / purchase invoice, or for an EDI link.
    4. A check box "Partial tax exemption" has been added to the customer form on Canadian accounts. (Partial tax exemption as a feature will be implemented in Brazil POS.)
    5. Actual Reports: fields "finalNetPriceNoFormat", "finalPriceWithVATNoFormat", "originalNetPriceNoFormat", "originalPriceWithVATNoFormat" and "realDiscountBasePriceNoFormat" have been added to sales document rows.


    1. The "password reset" link on the login page now leads to the password reset page in