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    21 Nov, 2022
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    POS Brazil Version 4.50.2


    • Check date can now be in the future
    • Customer specific payment deadline (days) is now applied to sale documents



    • Coupons applied to the sale will only get redeemed if they end up being 'used'
    • Fixed issue where Wrapper devices would experience white screen on app load with an older version of WebView installed
    • Gift card balance modal now respects Back Office date format
    • Actual Reports receipt using MicroService printing now prints multipage receipts as one long page
    • Changes in Close Day workflow for differences between expected and counted totals
      • If setting "Reason required" is unchecked, do not check for any differences or reasons when closing the day
      • If setting "Reason required" is checked and "allowed difference" is set, check if difference is within allowed difference and if not - require reason.
      • If allowed difference is not set (is empty) do not ask for reason even if difference is present.
    • Close Day - Fixed a 0.01 mismatch between auto-populated counted amount and expected amount
    • Validity period for a gift card will only be updated when creating it, not when redeeming it
    • Pay button (&shortcut) can no longer be triggered multiple times in parallel or from under a different modal page like payment itself
    • Paying an invoice will not fail now if container of any of products on the invoice-waybill has been changed since invoice-waybill creation
    • Fix issue with discount names overriding each other in the shopping cart



    • W** Customisation Plugin - Fix receipt printout to support unlimited number of promotions
    • Customer Display
      • Added ability to translate customer registration form
      • Two new settings added to the Configuration Page -  “Display app customisation/Settings”
        • "Date format" which is either US or EU
        • "Time format" which is either 24H or 12H
    • Pergamont Fiscal Plugin - Added support for rounding to the fiscal integration