POS Brazil Version 4.50.3

November 24, 2022

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  • Fixed the unresponsiveness of "Done" button in Tender view in Close Day Modal. The issue was introduced by 4.50.2 release
  • Updated the "Employee edit" modal to have the same email validation as login page
  • Active manual promotion will now automatically re-apply to picked up pending sale if they were initially applied to that sale
  • Non-card payments no longer get marked as "Paid" when processed alongside card payments
  • Fixed an issue where after canceling from a Moneris payment, the user would not be able to restart the payment process
  • Added missing translation for Error message for incorrect Pin Code



  • W** Customisations Plugin:
    • restore custom ordering of Customer Results. Issue was introduced by version 4.50.0
    • improved date validation for Membership renewal date input
    • improved the workflow for retrieving Membership data for the receipt printout:
      • added fallback calls to retrieve reward points and coupons, when possible
      • the receipt would now show “unknown” instead of 0, for any field that we failed to fetch
    • Previously Purchased Products Component now shows the prices based on the account settings
      • VAT included price for EU based accounts
      • Net price for US based accounts