POS Brazil Version 4.50.7

January 4, 2023


  • "Global Payments/TSYS/Cayan" Payment Integration - added support for unreferenced returns
  • Added new fields (receiptInfoStreet, receiptInfoCity, receiptInfoState, receiptInfoAddress2, receiptInfoZipCode) to the patchscript dataset. These fields will show warehouse information (if present). If such info is not present, get the company information instead.
  • Added functionality to print out coupons that were issued with a sale. This functionality is available from Recent Sales menu as well as customer specific Purchases menu. This functionality does not require any settings to enable it


  • Fix for employees view not being updated after new employee has been successfully created
  • Save order flow change. Save as order button will always save an order now
  • "Save as layaway" now waits for all shopping cart calculations to finish
  • Fix for promotion discount value showing up as "NaN"
  • Fixed an issue where "undefined" text was saved to the Cash In/Out notes if no Cash In/Out reason codes configured on the account
  • Clear product addition related alerts before displaying "out of stock" warning to make it clear that the displayed alert is for the currently added product
  • Employee options for sale commission now respect "Hide employees that are not assigned to the location" setting
  • Printing using Actual Reports templates now does not fail if template is set to "Standard printout"
  • Fix for assortments syncing not working
  • Fix editing of multiline input fields (settings "addresses to receive a copy of all receipts", "custom css", sale notes, etc.)
  • Fixed a potential issue where POS would incorrectly show the currently selected integration on the payments menu. External payment integration: removed incorrect 'Escape' key handler
  • Fix for setting “touchpos_choose_employee_manually” not allowing to click pay
  • Fix for possibility to clear cart when payment modal already opened
  • Fixed editing vat rates in Settings/Tax Rates



  • W** Customisations Plugin
    • Customer's pre-membership is now reset when sale is discarded or when sale is saved but not purchased
    •  Fix for invalid earned points amount on receipt
    • Prevent DSC membership product from getting added with a positive quantity during returns
    • Fix for invalid earned points amount on receipt
  • i**** Customizations plugin - Fixed POS crashing
  • Tax free return plugin - show all tax types in total section
  • Suretax Plugin - Fixed an issue where Suretax calculated incorrect tax amount for existing sale documents (e.g. return with receipt)
  • "Issue new gift card on return" plugin - Fixed an issue where issued gift card had 0 balance