POS Brazil Version 4.51.7

July 6, 2023

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  • Adjusted CAFA popup to be more clear for the user:
    • Renamed action buttons to "proceed anyway" and "reload"
    • Changed title to be more user friendly
    • Prompt for manager override if user does not have enough rights to proceed without CAFA settings


  •  If target version is manually set to an empty string, the POS now treats it as if it was set to latest, and will not enter an infinite loop
  • Created configuration option to truncate or not the text of the results of product search
  • Fixed race condition when changing target version in version control, that would cause the target version to remain unchanged and the user redirected back
  • Fixed a bug that disabled Configuration "Save" button when text around serial number is not configured
  • Fixed a bug that caused row price with tax to be displayed as "Adjustment"
  • Fixed a bug that caused sale saving to fail silently and thus charging customer without saving the sale and with no way to void said payments
  • Fix for rounding not being save properly on multi tender payment