POS Brazil Version 4.51.10

August 24, 2023


Payment Integrations

  • TriPOS Cloud
    • Fixed issue with Partial Approvals
    • Fixed an issue where Refund transactions were saved incorrectly
    • POS will verify the readiness of TriPOS before initiating the payment process. This approach resolves the issue encountered when the POS system failed during multiple card payments

Sale Documents

  • Fixed a bug that caused promotions to apply twice to picked up layaways
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sales from being finalised if cash rounding is enabled and rounded payment amount is less than sale total

Payment Modal Page

  • Previously paid payment tenders are correctly displayed when Layaway documents are picked up (previously would display a single PAID tender)
  • Previously paid payment tenders are correctly displayed when Invoice documents are paid for via "Pay an Invoice" (previously would display a single PAID tender)
  • When cancelling layaways, the original payment is no longer pre-populated to the Payment Modal, solving the issue with incorrect balance in the Payment Modal
  • Updated the message, shown for when payments' total paid amount is insufficient to cover the total of the invoice. Now the error is "Collected Payments not sufficient. Please cover the remaining balance of {{amountToBePaid}}”
  • Tender limits for sales will be respected when making an exchange


  • Fix for printing getting stuck on mobile devices or devices where installer is not running. The issue was introduced in release 4.51.9
  • Receipt template editor now again displays table rows vertically, rather than stacking them side by side


POS Version Control

  • Updated warning message when setting “Change POS version (Brazil POS only)” is disabled for the user group and user tries to use version control, now it will say "User does not have the required permissions to use POS Version Control"


  • Fixed an issue where Ext Dev Display would stop showing information, coming from the POS
  • “Save as…” button now open save as menu in mobile view
  •  POS now maintains connection to extdev microservice even if the microservice is restarted or the endpoint changed, rather than needing a refresh. Changed the manage/status request


  • O*-O** warranty plugin: Warranties in the cart are now clickable - reopening the product view is now allowed