POS Brazil Version 4.51.11

September 7, 2023


Payment Integrations

  • Junction
    • Improved feedback and error detection
  • Verifone
    • In case of refunds or unreferenced returns in Verifone FI, the POS will add a negative amount to the payment amount. Thus, giving the correct change value at the end of the refund.
  • TriPOS
    • When making a payment, POS would await until connection is fully established (lane is open) and only then proceed with the payment. If connection is closed and a timeout is reached, POS would display an error "Timeout while waiting for terminal ready"

Sale Documents

  • Improved the error for sale document's failing to save when permissions are missing.


  • Added support for printed receipt preview for invoice-waybills


  • Fixed an issue where POS could potentially crash on Gift Card payment window


  • W** Customizations plugin: Customer bubble includes “Total Sales”
  • Customer creation duplicate warnings: Fixed an issue where using the plugin with a missing configuration would cause the customer to not to get saved.


  • POS sends messages to indicate login and logout events