POS Brazil Version 4.51.13

October 5, 2023


Sale Documents

  • Fixed a problem where on trying to return a Invoice-Waybill document with a product with positive amount would result in the payment window taking long time to open
  • Fixed an issue where trying to return a document could result in a POS freeze and eventual crash
  • Fixed a bug that caused discounts and promotions to be saved incorrectly on referenced return
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect parameter was sent during document saving in cases where the document was not paid with store credit. Prevent the user from removing the store credit payment that has been automatically added while purchasing store credit for the customer via the store credit button on the customer view
  • Fixed issue with user not being able to perform return if there are multiple invoices found. Added support for returning invoice-waybills


  • Discount reason is visible in the back office after applying a discount


  • Fixed an issue where reports would show a shortage for CARD payments if card payments were made without a payment integration selected in the POS

Micro-Service Installation

  • Fixed an issue where a version, that the POS was previously opened with, would get installed if in Wizard, the Auto Install Micro-service Version was set to "any" and a different version of the Micro-Service was installed


  • Fixed an issue where updated PatchScript template were not used by “receipt-printout-api” micro-service


  • Related products now show price with tax based if enabled on the account configuration. Otherwise, show normal prices