POS Brazil Version 4.51.14

October 30, 2023


Payment Integrations

  • Chase
    • Set negative amount on return payment and wait until payment is properly updated with data from MS
  • Moneris
    • Added the ability to configure the receipt printout to the Moneris payment configuration page in POS

Promotions and Discounts and Shopping Cart calculations

  • Fixed incorrect value recorded for manual discount in promotion breakdown for products with multiple promotions
  • Do not save promotion information if user went offline after a promotion was applied. Do, however, set the promotion back once user is online
  • Fixed an issue where POS would add an "Adjustment" discount equal to the VAT of the product
  • Shopping cart will now be recalculated when network connection is restored. Sale row tax rate will now fall back to register tax rate when saving a sale in offline mode
  • Fix change calculation to apply cash rounding in the correct direction

Sale Documents

  • Fix for issue where cancelled Layaway prepayment that was returned to the store credit got duplicated. Now, when canceling layaway and returning the payment with credit store, only one payment is created and the credit store is shown with a negative value in the x-report
  • Prevent the user from using the POS if POS fails to get user right information (ex. API maintenance). If user right fetching fails, show a popup to the user that would allow the user to re-fetch the user rights.
    If a sale was made if POS failed to fetch user rights (should not happen), then, on making a sale, POS will attempt to get the user rights from the API and if it succeeds, but the user does indeed not have the required right to make a sale, a sale related error will be shown


  • Deprecated "Enable resume on refresh" functionality


  • Fixed translations in Finnish language for mobile (matkapuhelin) and offers (tarjoukset)
  • Wrong translations for en-ZA in configuration and Grid were fixed


  • Added error handling for request to retrieve configuration from microservices


  • W** Customisation Plugin
    • Customer Badge
      • Increase font size
      • show expiration date for expired membership
      • update layout to make space below expiration field
  • SMS Telerivet Plugin
    • Fix race condition that could cause the sms to link to a different sale made at the same time in another register
  • Givex plugin: 
    • Fixed a bug that caused Givex card payment to not be saved when paying for a return
    • Fixed a bug that caused original payments to become enabled (clickable) if multiple plugins that override original payments are enabled
    • Added ability to show Givex Increment information (date/time, card number (masked), balance, refNo) on receipt. Note - This functionality would work only for sales that are made within or after the version this feature gets released in