Realization Warehouse

January 16, 2024

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Realization means that the goods issued to a customer are formalized as items moved into a realization warehouse.All you need to do is indicate the inventory accordingly and, in essence, you’re ready to manage all issued goods that haven’t been cleared and check the sales of prior periods under the reports.

Erply’s realization warehouse plugin lets you create a separate inventory for a customer’s account; you can add a name and price list for each inventory. Reporting immediately reveals, which goods are in the realization warehouse – these will be indicated with RW. Just like in your main warehouse, you can supplement and approve inventory in the realization warehouse, assign minimum quantities, check inventory movements, etc.

When using Realization Warehouse plugin, consider following:

  • it it mandatory to select a customer for each RW
  • Inventory Transfers show warehouse price and sales price
  • the printout of the Inventory Transfer must be made directly from the transfer, in which case the sales price assigned to the sales warehouse will be displayed on the document
  • sales must be made only for one selected customer for each RW

How to add Realization Warehouse?

If RW plugin is added to the account, there is an additional option under Retail→Locations→New: Realization Warehouse. When adding a new location, check the "Realization Warehouse" box and link it to the corresponding customer(only the company previously created in the customer register can be selected).

Click save. After saving, “RW” is added before warehouse name. 

How to use Realization Warehouse? 

In case of realization sale, if the goods are sent out to the customer, it should be moved to the RW with Inventory Transfer.

By clicking on “Use sales price” button, Inventory Transfer is saved and RW sales prices are displayed. 

After confirming, sales prices can be also displayed on printout.