Offline Warehouse

August 8, 2023

Benefits of Offline Warehouse

Manage returned items to decrease inventory loss
The offline warehouse is a dedicated location to host damaged or broken items.
When a customer returns an item, your team may need to perform a quality check to determine if it’s eligible for resale or not. Offline warehouse enables you to put items aside in a trackable location until they’re ready for evaluation.
If the returned item is okay for resale, Erply allows you to add it back into a store’s inventory without disrupting your counts. Items that are truly broken can be written off from the offline warehouse.

Maintain accurate inventory levels at all times
No need to manually track how many items need to be written off at the end of the day. Returning an item at the POS automatically moves it to your offline warehouse. Offline warehouse enables your team to handle daily operations during peak store hours, then address returned inventory when they’re ready.

Easily report on the status of returned items
Pull reports in the back office to immediately know:
Items in your offline warehouse.
A location’s inventory quantity.
Returned items that were written off.
Return reason codes.
Erply gives you full transparency into your inventory, no matter how many retail locations you manage.

Storing Broken Products With Offline Warehouse

Create and configure an offline warehouse in Erply

Create a new location in Erply for your returned products to be moved to. To do so, navigate to Retail Chain -> Locations in the back office.

Navigate to the necessary back office configuration settings by going to Settings -> Configuration -> Inventory and Purchase - Enable Extra Features.
Check off Enable discount and return reason codes on sales invoices (optionally, returned items can be automatically transferred to another warehouse). Save your settings.

Refresh your browser. While in the configurations settings, scroll down to the Invoices and sales section and find If an item is returned with the following reason codes, it is automatically transferred to offline inventory.
Click broken items, or any other item type that you want to be able to put aside in the offline warehouse.
Note: To select multiple items on Windows, hold Control and click. To select multiple items on a Mac, hold Command and click.

In the below dropdown menu labeled warehouse for offline inventory, select the location that you created earlier. Save your settings.

Note: the location, that was set as an offline warehouse for another location, would be unavailable and hidden while selecting the warehouse in the POS!!!

Test your offline warehouse

Create a test product with an inventory level of 1. Make sure this product is not located in your offline warehouse from the above steps.
Make a sale at the POS of your new test item.
Make a return of the test product. When prompted to select a reason code, select one of the reason codes that you selected earlier.
Your offline warehouse will now have a quantity of 1 for your test product.