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    24 Mar, 2023
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    POS End of Day Settings

    These settings manage the manner in which you close your register(s) to properly account for your day of operations. 

    While logged into your POS, navigate to POS Settings -> Configuration -> End of Day settings. Here you will find each of your adjustable settings.



    Allowed difference amountThis is the allowed excess/shortage in the cash drawer at the end of the day. The amount can be configured only when if “Reason required” settings is enabled. Otherwise it will be unavailable.
    Notes requiredIf checked, the notes field must have information before closing the day.
    Check only for cashIf checked, the cashier should count only cash payment and fill out only the cash tender amount field in Tenders in the Close day modal.
    Disable show expected amountIf checked, the expected amount in the drawer will not be visible to the closer.
    Disable count all type paymentsWhen checked, all payment types are not required when closing the day.
    Reason requiredWhen checked, the reason field is required for closing out the day.
    Get short X-reportWhen checked, a compact version of the X-report prints at the end of the day.
    Get X-report only for last shiftWhen checked, the X-report only prints information from the last shift.
    Hide X-Report on EODWhen checked, the X-report will not appear after closing day confirmation. The user will be just logged out of the system without showing the X-report.
    Do not use deposit on EODIf checked, deposit will not be enabled for closing.
    Open cash drawer on open/close dayIf check, the cash drawer will open when opening or closing the day.
    Remove pending sales on close dayIf checked, any incomplete sales will be removed from ERPLY upon closing the day.
    Make closing day notes mandatory if the Cash difference is bigger than allowedWhen checked, the system requires an explanation “why amount is exceeded". The separate window ”Limit exceeded" appears after clicking on the “End the day” button in the Closing day modal (Note: the setting works when the “Reason required” and Allowed difference amount” are checked and relates only to the cash tender).
    Fill tender counted valuesIf checked, the system will automatically fill out all the tenders fields in the Closing day modal. Only cash payments should be counted and entered manually.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does closing one register affect the other?
    No. You can close each of your registers separately.

    Can I close one register from another register computer?
    Closing a register from a different computer is not a problem as long as their POS systems are not associated (ex. cash drawer, register hardware, etc)