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    30 May, 2022
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    Difference between Products and Inventory

    Erply considers your items in two ways:


    A product is the idea of what you’re selling and all of the information about it.

    For example:

    Product cards contain information on an inventory item.
    Your product catalog is filled with inventory items.
    Products are universal across all locations in your Erply account.  


    Inventory is the actual count for the items in your Erply account. It is attached to a location within your Erply account. 

    For example:  

    Inventory can be ordered, sold, or transferred from one location to another.
    Inventory is restocked at a location.
    Inventory items all carry a product cost to you and a price to your customer once they’ve been sold, which we use to calculate your warehouse price, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).