Classic Back Office Version 4.21.0

October 14, 2021

January 16, 2020

New Features

  1. Identity Integration

    Logging in to Classic back office now automatically produces a JSON Web Token (JWT). The token is made available to Javascript plugins running in back office, and can be used to authenticate with the various Erply services that require a JWT.

    These services include, for example:

    • Erply Cloud apps (FNE, Builder apps);
    • Erply CDN (beta);
    • Erply Identity;
    • Erply Service Engine;
    • and others.

    The Javascript variable is "jwt". (This is the same variable that appears in Classic back office since version 4.20 if user logs in to back office via Launchpad.)

    If you 1) have a company in Identity, 2) have integrated that company with your Erply account and 3) have a user account with the same name (same email address) in both Identity and Erply back office, the returned token will belong to that Identity user account and will contain all its permissions.

    If you do not have an Identity company integrated with your Erply account yet, one will be created automatically.

    If you do not have a user account with the same name in Identity yet, a user account will be created automatically. That user will have only a limited default permission set (eg. the permission to query CDN), additional permissions can then be added in Identity as usual.

  2. Report "Unpaid Invoices and Balance Statements" now has separate user group permissions. Access to the report can now be configured separately; viewing the report no longer requires the access to all reports.

  3. Field "Ship-to contact person" has been added to sales documents.

    1. The contact person's name will also appear on standard printouts if selected, and contact person can be added to Actual Reports printouts.
  4. The report "Sold amounts of packaging materials" can now be filtered by "Revenue Type" (Domestic / EU / Non-EU)

  5. On Belgian accounts, both French and Dutch languages are now supported and can be enabled.

  6. Promotions that give a discount percentage off the whole transaction, can be marked with the following restriction:

    Except lines that have already received a promotion discount, or have triggered a promotion

    This means that the discount will not apply to:

    • Items to which an item-level promotion discount ($ off or % off a specific item) has already applied.
    • Items that were part of the "Buy" condition of some promotion (as in BOGO, or "Buy One, Get One" promotions: "Buy at least 2 items of Product X and receive a discount on Product Y")


  1. When creating an invoice and picking a customer, the "Address" and "Contact Person" fields will now automatically populate with the customer's first address and first contact person. Formerly, both had to be selected from the dropdown manually.

  2. New field has been added to report generator: "Email opt-out" for customers.

  3. New field has been added to report generator: "More precise status" for sales documents.


  1. Fixed: when sending e-invoices to an operator fails (because of incorrect credentials, for example), an error report will now be displayed.

  2. Fixed: when sending multiple e-invoices, then opening a sales document, then returning to the list, selected documents were sent to the operator again. Now, after sending documents electronically, check boxes will be cleared.

  3. Fixed: When a location's address was deleted, sales document printouts no longer displayed any address at all, instead of falling back to the company's default address.

  4. Security improvements.