Stock & Price Lookup

March 15, 2024

Benefits of Stock & Price Lookup

Streamlined, accurate customer service
79% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store. Stock & Price lookup is a low-friction tool that updates in real-time, giving your employees the ability to view product information at a glance, both in-store and at the warehouse.
Pro tip: Waiting for a shipment? Use stock lookup to let customers know if nearby stores have a certain product on hand. 

Flexible POS tools
No barcode? No problem. Start entering an item name into the POS search bar, and Erply will auto-populate a selection of relevant choices -and their stock info for you. Does an item have a high reserve list? That can be a good indicator that it's time to adjust your ordering/purchasing strategies. 

Fully informed customers and employees
Quick access to product information is crucial when helping indecisive customers make a purchase. Stock & Price lookup keeps employees fully informed about all items, no matter how many SKUs your store holds. Any changes made in the back office immediately push to the POS, ensuring that your counts are 100% accurate.   

How to use Stock & Price Lookup

To get more specific information about a product, then it’s possible to get from the “Stock and price lookup” module. The module shows stock in each location, where the user has the access to. Also product name; code; EAN; price; group and category.
There are 4 ways for opening the stock and price lookup form.

From product list

Search the product in the product list. Click on the magnifying button on that row.

From shopping cart

If a product is added to the shopping cart and clicking on the product there, then the product card opens.

From product quick button

If pressing down “Alt” keyboard button and the main POS screen is visible, then on the product quick buttons, new icon is visible. When clicking on the icon, then stock and price lookup form opens 

From “Stock & Price” function button

When clicking on the button, then product search opens. 
When searching for the product and clicking on magnifying button, then the products are shown in the list. When clicking on the product, then stock and price lookup form opens.

Terms to Know

Stock: Products sold from the back office or the POS. Can be quantified.
Price: How much an item costs. Associated with a currency.
Warehouse: A location when items are stored before they’re sold online or shipped to a store for in-person sales.