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    4 Jan, 2023
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    PAX S300 iPad setup

    This guide covers the general setup for PAX on Erply Berlin POS using an iPad

    Erply configuration

    Your registers must be configured in the back office to accept PAX.

    To do that, navigate to the Retail chain module and select Register

    Click on the register where you want to set up your PAX S300, locate the Card Terminal section and select PAX.

    Card swiper IP address

    1. Go to the device main menu (password is today’s date “MMDDYYYY”, i.e “05012016”) or in demo mode “1”
      • Note: For Heartland PAX, the default password is 916860
      • For Heartland PAX, access the menu by pressing the Function Key (Blue F) & 1.
    2. Go to: Communication > Main Communication > LAN
    3. ECR Type > Ethernet > Comm Port 10009 > HTTP GET
    4. Lan Parameters > IP Address then write down the device’s IP address.

    Using a static IP address on your PAX S300

    If the IP address assigned to your PAX device changes, you will need to update the IP address before the point of sale will be able to communicate with the device again. To prevent this from happening, you can set up the device to use a static IP. 

    1. Press and hold the F Key and 1 Key together to access the main menu.
    2. Enter your password (default password is the current date in MMDDYYYY format)
    3. Scroll down 1 page and press "2. Communication"
    4. Enter your password again
    5. Scroll down 1 page and press "3. LAN Parameters"
    6. Press "1. Lan Type"
    7. Press "2. Static"
    8. Go back to the home screen by using the back button on the screen several times.

    iPad configuration

    1. Download “POS PAX” from the App Store
    2. On your iPad, open the device settings. Scroll down until you see the “POS PAX” application.
    3. Enter the device’s IP address that you wrote down in the previous section.
    4. Enter 10009 in the Port section.

    Make a test sale

    We recommend opening the Erply POS app and making a test sale to ensure your swiper is working as intended.