Cayan Microservice Setup

Cayan Setup (BrazilPOS)

Setting up Cayan microservice in your computer


Place the file cayan-integration into any folder, you can download the file Linux (here) & Windows (here).

Open a terminal and navigate to the file

Make the service executable with the command chmod +x cayan-integration

Execute the service with the command ./cayan-integration

The service will create cayan-config.json and app.log files in the same directory. 

To run the microservice, open cayan-integration.exe prior to launching ERPLY


Setting up Cayan Terminal in the Brazil POS

Go to settings  => Payment Configuration => Setup Payment Gateways.

Select Cayan as the current Integration.

Add the Ip address of the terminal you will use, you can find it in the device inside the advanced Wi-Fi settings.

Add the port of the device which should be 8080.

Add the Merchant name.

Add the Merchant site ID.

Add the merchant key.

Click update to save the data.

Once the configuration data is added and the update button is clicked in the Brazil POS a request to configure the terminal will be sent to the terminal, a message will be displayed in the POS according to the outcome of the request


Current functionality of Cayan payment integration

At the moment multiple card payments and full and partial referenced refunds are supported