Cayan Microservice Setup

August 28, 2023

Setting up Cayan microservice and terminal in the Wizard

Visit Erply Wizard for installing the micro-service:
Click on Hardware → Installer App → Micro-service management → Select Cayan from "Add New Micro-Service" and continue → Click Install Latest.
After installation click on green "Start" button.
In Erply Wizard go to Installer App → Integrations → Choose POS you want to configure with Payment Terminal and click continue → Click on Cayan.
Fill merchant name, merchant site ID, merchant key fields, with information provided by the terminal provider and save it.

  • Device IP can be found from terminal. Press “0” three times and enter Admin pass code;
  • Enable “Device Secure Connection” checkbox.

Setting up Cayan microservice in the POS

Go to POS → Settings → Payment Configuration → Setup Payment Gateways → Select Cayan and save.
For connection checkup initialize the payment from POS and Terminal will receive the payment.

Current functionality of Cayan payment integration

At the moment multiple card payments and full and partial referenced refunds are supported