Error code: Network is unreachable

January 4, 2023

Why am I getting a “Network is unreachable” error?

If your device is not connected to the internet when you access the point of sale, you’ll get a message saying “Network is unreachable, check your internet connection.”

There are a few reasons why you might receive the “Network is unreachable” notification:

Missing internet connection

Network failure

Entering an incorrect client code at the login screen

How to resolve the “Network is unreachable” error

Troubleshoot your internet connection

Check the connection status bar on your device. You may need to contact your IT department or Internet Service Provider to clarify all connection issues. 

Enable offline mode at the POS

If Erply’s offline mode has been enabled on your account, select the Offline login tab, then log into the POS as normal. Offline mode allows you to access most POS functions and instantly syncs all data with your back office when connection is restored. 

Check out our full guide on Erply’s offline mode.  

Double-check your client code

Please ensure your client code is properly entered when signing in. Note that most client codes are 6 digits long.