API Version 1.42.0

July 14, 2021

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February 25, 2020

New Features

  1. New API calls have been added for managing POS quick buttons:

  2. New API call getSessionKeyUser has been added.

  3. New API calls have been added:

    These calls are meant for one specific integration, with specific authorization tokens. A more general OAuth integration may come in the future.

  4. API calls deleteStocktaking and setStocktakingUncountedProductsToZero have been added.

  5. The following output fields have been added to API call getStocktakings:

    • productCategoryID
    • supplierID
    • locationInWarehouse
    • onlyItemsWithoutWarehouseLocation
    • excludeReservations
    • numberOfRows
    • inventoryRegistrationID
    • inventoryWriteOffID
    • addedByEmployeeID
    • confirmedTimestamp
    • confirmedByUserName
    • confirmedByEmployeeID
  6. The following input parameters have been added to API call saveStocktaking:

    • locationInWarehouse
    • onlyItemsWithoutWarehouseLocation
  7. API call saveStocktaking now also allows unconfirminga stocktaking, by setting confirmed=0.

  8. Property promptCashier has been added to API calls getCoupons and saveCoupon. This property indicates that when the rules for issuing a coupon have been fulfilled (eg. customer's transaction value exceeds the defined threshold), POS should ask the cashier if this coupon must be printed or not. (Formerly, a coupon was printed automatically, without asking.)

    The property promptCashier has also been added to the printAutomaticCoupons list in the output of API call calculateShoppingCart, so that POS would know to display the prompt.

    Setting this property requires the printedAutomaticallyInPOS property to be set, too. For Erply, such coupons are still classified as automatic coupons (because these coupons are issued according to an automatic rule).

  9. API call getSalesDocuments, block returnedPaymentsnow additionally outputs field ids, containing the IDs of these payments.