Importing purchase invoices

December 11, 2023

How to import purchase invoices

There are two steps to importing purchase invoices within Erply:

Adding a blank purchase invoice
Importing purchase invoice details into a blank PI
Please note that any invoices you’re importing to must be already created and numbered in the system.

Adding a blank purchase invoice

In the back office, navigate to the Purchase module and locate Purchase invoice. Click the “+” button to add a new invoice.  

Enter the following information:

  • Date
  • Supplier
  • Location
  • Invoice number

Make sure to take note of the invoice number(s) as you will need this information later.
Please note that new products will be created in the system if there is no match for them by Code, UPC code or name.
Press the Save button to save the blank PI. From here, we can import information into this blank purchase invoice. Do NOT press Confirm.

Importing purchase invoice details into a blank PI

Click on the blank invoice and press the “...” button on the bottom menu bar. 
Select Import Purchase Invoices from text file to begin the import.
Alternatively, navigate again to the Purchase module and select Import PI from TXT.
This page will give you the format for importing PI details from a spreadsheet. You can use a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

You may import information for more than one purchase invoice from one import sheet.

Required file layout

Column APurchase invoice
Column BProduct code
Column CUPC code
Column DProduct name
Column EAmount
Column FWholesale price (w/o tax)
Column GDiscount from aforementioned price
Column HTax rate

Additional information about the product (will be added to product card)

Column JUnit
Column KLocation in warehouse
Column LProduct group
Column MSales price (w/o tax)
Column NSales price with tax
Column OSupplier
Column PDescription

You can specify amount of packages instead of quantity, and row net total instead of unit price:

Column QPackage name
Column RAmount in package
Column SPackage amount
Column TNet Total

Once your data is added, save it as a UNICODE text file.
Save file as CSV and set Character set to Unicode (UTF-16) and Field delimiter to Tab.

If your spreadsheet has a header row (likely), you’ll want to check off the File has a header row box in the import tool.
If you are changing or adding additional information to your existing products, or have information in columns J-P, you’ll want to select Also update product data.
Click Import to start the import.
Open the newly updated purchase invoice and press Confirm to finalize the invoice.